Course Information

Contract Courses for directed research projects with our faculty. Undergraduates must be of junior standing or be a senior in order to enroll.  

Steps to enroll in a Psychiatry 199:

    1. Have you been invited by a faculty member to conduct research with them? If yes, procced to MyUCLA to download your Psychiatry 199 contract under the appropriate faculty mentor* and fill out the contract upon discussing your directed research project with your mentor.
    2. Obtain faculty mentor’s signature on your contract.
    3. Obtain Psychiatry Department Chair’s signature by submitting your signed contract via this google form no later than Tuesday of week 2 at 5pm. All contracts submitted after the deadline are subject to late fees and petitions that are student’s responsibility.
    4. Once submitted, it will be your responsibility as the student to check the status of enrollment via MyUCLA study list.
    5. Finally, students enrolled in Psychiatry 199 contracts are required to onboard with UCLA Health Sciences Volunteer Services. For any questions regarding this onboarding, please contact Lily Zhang, LilyZhang@mednet.ucla.edu .

*If you cannot find your faculty mentor listed in the Psychiatry department, you will not be able to enroll with that faculty. All faculty who are eligible to be mentors, are pre-populated based on appropriate departmental appointments.