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The Brain and Behavioral Health (BBH) minor offers students the opportunity to learn how to apply scientific advances to the promotion of brain and behavioral health across the lifespan. The BBH minor will be complementary but not limited to the education of undergraduate students enrolled in the Cognitive Science, Human Biology and Society, Neuroscience, Psychobiology, and Psychology majors. The BBH minor will enable students to use the core knowledge gained in their majors to develop program and policies focusing on brain and behavioral health.

This minor will have several key features representing the approach to brain and behavioral health developed by the participating programs (Psychology, Neuroscience, Human Biology & Society, Psychiatry) and both the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative at UCLA and the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, two key collaborators in the development of this minor. These include: (1) A Problem Based Focus to Learning, (2) A Focus on Student Contribution and Self-Understanding, (3) A Lifespan Orientation, (4) A Dual Focus on Both Health and Illness, and (5) Attention to Population Diversity

The minor will culminate in a Capstone project, which will be a written paper based upon at least two-quarters of research or practicum experience in the ongoing research and practice programs at the Semel Institute.

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