As a training program, we aim for the principles of social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion to guide us in our clinical care, teaching and research. As a faculty, we vow to work with cultural humility and to examine our own professional behavior in the framework of intersectionality. We vow to continue to educate ourselves on the systemic bias and racism that exists in our society and in our own institution. We vow to better understand the role culture, race and ethnicity play in the lives of those we serve so that we may better serve. 

Faculty and current interns have come together with plans and initiatives to improve our curriculum and our clinical services to reflect our commitment to social justice and anti-racism. There are many opportunities for you to join in these efforts during your internship year. We are guided in our work by Eraka Bath, M.D. who is Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute.

Learn more about our value, goals and initiatives related to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion at the link below: