The UCLA Psychology Doctoral Practicum Training Programs (also known as Pre-Internships or Clerkships) are available for pre-doctoral students in psychology. We offer a broad range of training opportunities in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology. Students can choose from a variety of different clinics that serve diverse populations of patients.

Schools we have active Affiliation Agreements with

Azusa Pacific University4/5/2023
California Lutheran University1/31/2025
Chicago SPP – Los Angeles12/10/2023
CSPP-LA, Alliant8/31/2024
Fielding Graduate Institution5/1/2025
Fuller Theological Seminary9/4/2022
George Washington University6/15/2024
Stony Brook University12/14/2023
Loma Linda University8/14/2023

Palo Alto University

Pepperdine University6/15/2022
Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University6/1/26
University of Hartford7/1/2024
University of California Riverside5/1/2024
University of Maine6/1/2025
Wright Institute6/30/2023

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